Summative Entry – Nineteenth Century Literature

Original Image This unit encapsulated the poetry and writings moving on from the Age of Enlightenment, to Romanticism and finishing with the Victorian era. Studying 19th Century literature not only provided insight into the historical ears, but also the nature of humanity and social issues that are still relevant to the 21st century. I was... Continue Reading →

Peer Review 3 – Cameron Cole

Original Post Hi Cameron, I really enjoyed reading your poem, it is no easy feat! I found your use of line length and rhyming scheme influenced the pacing to make a befitting poetic rhythm. The theme is very relevant to the influence from Scholar Gypsy and the modern age. I enjoyed how you began the poem... Continue Reading →

The Circus in Hard Times

Original Image In Hard Times (1854), Charles Dickens offers an insight into the limitations and expectations of Victorian society through the juxtaposition of the Circus performers. Gradgrind is introduced in the second chapter titled "Murdering the Innocents", described as "A man of realities. A man of facts and calculations". He is the epitome of Victorian... Continue Reading →

Peer Review 2 – Caitlin Burke

Original Post Hi Caitlin, it is great to see you tackling Blake's fantastic political poem 'London'. It is clear you have a great understanding of Blake's writing but you could be further aided by supporting your points with excepts from the text. I really liked your point that the poet "argues that this poverty experienced,... Continue Reading →

The Gordon Riots 1780

Original Image Ekphrastic writing in prose about 'The Gordon Riots 1780' by John Seymour Lucas (seen above).   On a tiny little screen in a darkened room I stare into the the blue-white glare. Ambivalent voices through the speakers as I enlarge the image and stare. ‘Trying times’, I guess you could say, we go... Continue Reading →

Peer Review 1 – Anna Castagnella

Original Post Anna, I felt your poem, The Orange Mountains, was very relevant to what most of us in Australia have been experiencing these past few months. You managed to imbue your writing with the sense of familiarity and wonder, along with loss. Juxtaposing the change in the second stanza and the use of short, concise... Continue Reading →

Inspired by Blake

Original Image William Blake's was an artist and poet of the romantic period. His poem, London(1794) is a politically charged poem criticising the issues that the poet views in his society. He was writing during the time when the French Revolution was just across the Channel and both internationally and in Britain, it was a time... Continue Reading →

Enlightenment VS Romanticism

Original Image When comparing the ideas of the Enlightenment period and Romantic movement, you can not look past William Wordsworth's Expostulation and Reply (1789). Within the poem, Wordsworth presents himself as the voice of Romanticism, with Matthew personifying the ideas of the Enlightenment. "Why, William, on that old grey stone, Thus for the length of half... Continue Reading →

American Writing Summative Entry

Original Image This semester we delved into the complex and diverse literature of the United States of America. I had never explicitly explored American writers and this unit has enabled me to expand my knowledge and understanding, not only of the country's themes but also the history and context surrounding the literary figures.  One of... Continue Reading →

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